The below photos show electrical that was not completed in the attic and has had the HVAC contractor in the attic three times to take care of issues, but no one ever reported to the Owner or the General that the switch, lights, and service outlet have not been completed.

Below are photos of a fire separation wall in a 6 unit detached garage, 3-year-old structure and no one caught the missing drywall.

The contractor came back and installed the drywall under the direction of the local building official who also missed it during the final 3 years ago.

Same residence, the sewer cleanout cap was never installed and sewage has been splashing out of the pipe for 3 years.

We were providing a buyer with a drywall inspection prior to cover up on Wednesday. Moved the insulation on the party wall and discovered mold. Also, mold on both sides of the drywall around and behind the furnace. This would be a real problem if not found and cleaned up prior to drywall installation!

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